Concept to reality…….


The concept is just as it says in the name of our web site. My first job was in the sixties as a messenger for a major cinema chain legging it around the West End of London.  It was of course long before the days of the mobile phone, email etc but it worked well was fast and I had similar jobs  for shipping agencies and financial institutions. There are of course companies using foot couriers but it does not appear to be that wide spread as yet.  I see no reason whilst the concept cannot be updated and applied more widely, am I wrong?  

Another example is that a few years ago I was a self employed courier working in Essex. It was very much a man and van scenario and I lived from day to day doing just about any sort of work that came my way. The vast majority of what that I got was small parcels, documents, print work and the such like, a lot of which involved deliveries to Central London. Now this usually involved a long slap down the A13 into town. Ok it was before the congestion charge and traffic usually moved at a snails place and the traffic wardens were power hungry, I know, what's changed? For some reason jobs often came up late afternoon resulting in the round trip some times taking many hours and all that dead mileage on the return, not exactly a big earner.

I tried different routes which usually meant extra mileage for which I was not paid then one day I had an idea.  I picked up an urgent parcel and was really under pressure from the sender so I drove to the local train station, parked in their car park and jumped on the next train to Liverpool Street. Thereafter I completed the journey by foot and using the Underground and completed the delivery in half the time it would have taken to do it by van. What's more having bought a off peak travel card I actually made a healthy profit.  The customer was happy and still able to contact me chasing up the delivery over the phone.

In later years I developed this concept wherever possible in various employment situations and it worked well although there was a reluctance by many to vary their business model away from the "conventional" courier methods.  I genuinely believe that there is plenty of scope for variation of this concept but only by joining together will we turn the concept into a reality which could be of mutual benefit.