City Link…….

No we don't mean that ill fated courier company. We use this term to refer to the core part of any delivery, in other words the inter city, city to city, town to town part of the consignments journey.   The first and last mile of any delivery refers to the collection and final delivery locations and is dealt with in detail elsewhere on this site.

Many service providers will operate a door to door service completing the whole job using one person (courier) and utilising various modes of transit available to them. These same service providers could choose to operate hubs which other service providers can easily feed into as they choose so there is much flexibility in the concept.


We initially propose utilising a Regional Hub system which is different from that used by many courier parcel delivery operations who use a central hub and spoke type system. The Regional Hubs are at locations with excellent transport links allowing direct routing between each other. We also propose a number of strategically Sub Hubs which could feed consignments into the Regional Hubs as and when required. The locations of the Hubs are not cast in stone but merely a base from which to develop our plans and which of course can be changed. 

Flexibility is the name of the game and dependency upon this hub system is not essential although there can be clear advantages in using it. Any member of the network could route their customer's consignments as they see fit, from pick up to delivery, we merely propose to offer a core range of methods and solutions which maximise cost and profit efficiency, time sensitivity and the ultimate in customer service.

The map at the bottom of this page shows possible Regional Hubs and Sub Hubs. 


The concept of The Alternative Courier is essentially a network of members however we anticipate that Regional Hubs  could be administered and operated by existing courier companies/operations who are prepare to devote time and commit to the vision that we have. THIS IS NOT A FRANCHISE nor are we looking for financial commitment. Our vision is one of a community network and that those operating Regional Hubs are likely to be able to integrate The Alternative Courier concept into their existing set up. For more information on specifics please see our QUESTIONS & ANSWERS  page or CONTACT US  and we will be happy to discuss anything with you.