Thanks for stopping by, it is really appreciated. The name of the web site is what we are all about namely building a network providing an alternative method for the nationwide collection and delivery of time sensitive documents and parcels up to 20 kilos in weight.


Now you may think that the courier sector is already a saturated market with the big market players having the upper hand and the position of  SME's being one of constant struggle. These days there are many options such as Click and Collect, Amazon Locker & Pass the Parcel, In Post,  Shutl, Doddle and more with deliveries by drone on the horizon. We are very much a 24/7 society with a need to receive deliveries or get our purchases on a day and at a time of our choice, evening deliveries becoming more popular as are those at the weekend and the need for time slots to be offered such as those provided by DPD with their Predict service.


It is not our intention to criticise or directly oppose existing main stream style courier operations but to compliment them and provide real alternatives utilising all modes of transportation with an emphasis on eco friendly options.  For example hand couriers, foot couriers or on board couriers are not new by any means. They were used during the 2012 London Olympics when the profits of doom predicted traffic  gridlock and all sorts of problems with deliveries.  The writers first job was a messenger boy pounding the streets on foot for a large cinema chain and that was a good few years ago. In recent years cycle couriers have gained prominence in many cities are are growing by the day providing an excellent service.


As a courier not so many years ago the writer undertook much work from the South East and Essex into Central London which because of traffic congestion was time consuming and not particularly financially rewarding because of both dead mileage and time on the return.  One day during the evening rush hour instead of driving in the writer parked his van at the local station and jumped of a train into London then completing the delivery on foot and using the tube. The transit time was quicker and ultimately, both time and cost effective. Let us also not forget that in the not too distant past there was a rail based service called Red Star Parcels which was a rail based city to city service with road couriers undertaking the first and last mile. There are of course excellent city to city coach services.


Hopefully you will have some idea to as what we are aspiring to achieve. The thing is it can not be done single handed but our vision is to embrace people and operations such as that you may be involved in and create a network of like minded service providers who can play a part in providing a genuine alternative courier and collection delivery service. It will not happen overnight but hey nothing ventured nothing gained and it can be mutually beneficial to all of us.

Tanks for reading this and feel free to browse and digest the rest of this site. Then, hopefully, you will want to further your interest and find out more. There is no catch or commitment to be made now but by joining together in these early stages e can grow and benefit from each others input and ideas.